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Welcome to the House of Mylo Xyloto.

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Coldplay House Graphics!


Mylo Xylo House Graphic Code

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Why I joined MX house

I’ve loved Coldplay for years, from when my dad would play the CD’s over and over in the car on long driving trips, but it wasn’t until Mylo Xyloto came out that I really started to listen to the songs much more. I love Mylo Xyloto because it’s such an uplifting album and never fails to get me dancing. And even though my favourite song is Fix You from X&Y, Mylo Xyloto will always be my favourite.

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My story :) -l1fe1ntechn1color/awkwardxyloto

Why did I join the house of MX? Well, let’s see, the first song I heard off of it was “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” I didn’t think much of the song at first, and I heard it before the full album was released. At school, we have these competitions where you have to hear the first seconds of a song and the WHOLE SCHOOL has to run to one chair and say the name and artist. The began playing ETIAW and I looked around and absolutely nobody was standing up. I didn’t know anyone, but I quietly inched out of my seat, then broke into a sprint when others figured out the song. I won the point for our team, and our team won the competition. After that, I was kinda obsessed with the song. Then MX came out, and I immediately bought the whole album. Last month, I also went to the concert and got myself a Xyloband which I now wear everywhere I go. :) So, though my favorite song might be off Viva but my favorite album as a whole is MX. :)

Well I have to say that I joined the MX house because the whole era is very close to my heart. Each and every song has been applicable to my life so far, from Princess of China being related to lost love, or Up with the birds signifying a new beginning, I relate to it all. The MX era also brought me much closer to the artistic side of things, and I now have many commissions of Coldplay inspired canvas’ due to the MX inspired canvas I first painted. MX has brought everything I thought I’d lost in life back, and I can’t thank Coldplay enough for that.

Why I joined the House of MX

Let me just start off by saying that I LOVE all of the Coldplay albums, so I had a hard time choosing. All of the songs on all of the albums are wonderful, and the band are such an incredible and talented bunch. But, I chose the house of MX because the music really speaks to where I am as a person in my life right now. The music on Mylo Xyloto is catchy, and a bit more mainstream than most of their other albums, but that’s not why I love it. I love it because under that, the lyrics and the meaning show that although Coldplay may change, and their fanbase my change, their music will essentially remain the same. All of the songs speak to something that’s happened in my life, and I’m pretty sure that goes for a lot of other people too. I could name hundreds of reasons why I love this album, but it all really comes down to the fact that no matter what happens, Coldplay, and Mylo Xyloto, will always be my constant. 

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Well i chose MX because i fell in love with Coldplay when I heard this album. It was also the full first one i bought and I love the colorful, grafitti feel to it. It kinda makes me wanna jump around like crazy! I love all the albums but this one is close to my heart :)
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tameila; The reasons I joined House Mylo Xyloto…

….is because it helped me through the death of two irreplaceable family members: our cat, Annie, who died on June 4th, 2011 right after “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” was released and our dog, Ellie, who died on October 24, 2011 as known as Mylo Xyloto’s birthday. The past three albums have all been very special for me since X&Y is when I took my Coldplay obsession into my own hands — before I had listened to them secondhand through my parents and I was more of a casual fan — and the Viva La Vida era is when I went to my first Coldplay concert, but Mylo Xyloto saved me from a dark place. It was so bright, so full of color, and when I was at my worst, it kept me going. It may not be my favorite album song-wise, but it will always mean more to me than the others because it felt as if Coldplay came to me when I needed them most, as if they knew. “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” will always be Annie’s song. “Up With the Birds” will always be Ellie’s song. That’s why I’m here.

mmix-ufo’s Coldplay Story REDUX

(and by redux I mean shortened and only involving MX but yeah you know w’ever.)

I joined Mylo Xyloto because it was the first Coldplay album I actually bought myself and listened to, and the entire MX era just means a lot to me. Even though I didn’t get to go to their concert, and even though I’ve only REALLY liked Coldplay for… a little less than six months now(?), I think it’s one of the best eras. It’s given us amazing concerts, uplifting music, colors and paint and wonderful things everywhere, Chris shirtless on some occasions, Will being adorable and doing amazing background vocals (specifically Us Against The World, oh my god,) Jonny’s extraordinary guitar solos and contributing to keeping Buckin alive and well, and lots and lots and loTS of Guy bass humpage and him just being that shy and sexy mofo we all know and love. All and all, I really love MX, a lot. A lot a lot.